EMC – Casualty

The largest number of claims we handle are liability claims, including professional liability. We have put in place very effective means to assess the extent of liability risks through a proactive, non-reactive approach. Our rapid response and detailed investigations enable our clients to quickly assess risks and provide thoughtful settlement instructions, which in more than 90% of cases prevents litigation.

Whether it is a denial of a third party’s claim or an attempt to resolve it through direct negotiation, the conclusions of our investigation files and the expertise on file support our arguments, thus avoiding the surprise of a substantial increase in the claim if a dispute is initiated.

When our cases must proceed through litigation, we continue to assist counsel with their investigative needs and/or provide testimony at trial.

Our Architects/Engineers division and our Special Risks Department have acquired experience both in the field of professional liability insurance contracts on the basis of “claims submitted” and in the field of general civil liability on an “event” basis.

We have compiled a list of associations and other professionals, whom we are called upon to help on a regular basis and who are insured by our clients:

Engineers (O.I.Q.) Professional Technologists (O.T.P.Q.)
CPAs  (A.C.P.A.I.) Land Surveyors (O.A.G.Q.)
Agronomists (O.A.Q.) Immigration Consultants (C.R.C.I.C.)
Chemists (O.C.Q.) Administrators (A.D.M.A.)
Chiropractors Acupuncturists
Insurance Brokers Claims Adjusters
Ambulance Technicians Professional Designers

For more than 10 years, we have been working on new programs targeting Error and Omission Insurance markets for the 21st century. These markets include web and software developers, network and server operators, video game designers and architects, and process engineers.

There is no limit on the nature of the file that we can handle, whether it is technology from yesterday to today or to evolve in parallel with our customers’ needs for future technologies.

Finally, whether it is for Insurers or Mutuals or even self insured cities, we offer investigation and claims management services against municipalities, cities and RCMs.

Over the years, we have developed the experience to quickly identify the vulnerabilities of these clients in terms of fire fighting, errors and omissions of inspectors, municipal engineers, permits and all the risks associated with infrastructures. EMC should be contacted.