Dispute resolution

For over 25 years, our president has been one of the province’s pioneers when it comes to ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) after having been named the first-ever “Resolution Expeditor” for a Canadian insurer in run-off. Everyone knows that litigating disputes is very expensive, time-consuming and the end result is far from being a lock. The public nature of a judgment is also a motivating factor in attempting to resolve disputes outside of the traditional legal venue.

We have been working very hard at deflecting litigation toward new ADR methods that include mediation, arbitration and direct negotiation. We are proud of our track record representing insurers in court settlement conferences. We have, over the years, developed methods at settling claims that defy traditional approaches providing positive results – a confidential deal with a signed release.

Litigation must remain a “last resort” and we at EMC will do our best to resolve claims economically and efficiently.